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Zenovia Marden alias Zeno is the oldest princess of Marden Kingdom.


When first introduced, she wore a mask to obscure her identity. When her face was revealed, it is shown that she has light blue hair with gray eyes.


She's very brave and cares deeply for the people of Marden as she was willing to start a rebellion to reclaim Marden.


She managed to escape Cavarin's attack on Marden's capital due to her being disconnected from the royal family due to being a girl. She later pretended to be her brother and form a rebellion to retake Marden. A year after the fall of Marden, she rescues Prince Wein from assassins which led her being taken along to the holy festival with Wein to gather support for the rebellion but is dishearten after learning other countries don't care about Marden. Despite this, Wein manages to convince her to help him crush a rebellion in Natra in return for recapturing Marden, which she agreed. During the fight to recapture Marden's capital, she "faked" her death as the prince and became the leader of Marden as her true self, a princess. She later made Marden Natra's vassal so Wein had to take care of Marden and not use it as a tool.