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Wein Salema Arbalest (ワインサレマアーバレスト Uein Sarema Ābaresuto?) is the heir of King Natra Owen and is the crown prince of the Natra Kingdom.

He is the extremely capable heir to the royal line of the Kingdom of Natra. He is lauded as a genius and is loved by the citizens of his country. However, underneath his princely facade lies a treasonous attitude of wanting to ignore all of his duties as much as he possibly can which normally ends with pain inflicted on him by his aide, Ninym.


Wein is a tall looking man with long messy brown hair and striking golden eyes. He doesn't seem very muscular, but is surprisingly athletic and agile when the situation calls for it.


He is seen by his vassals and the general populace as a brilliant prince.

Although he is a genius politician, strategist, and swordsman among other things, he is actually lazy and pessimistic at heart — to the point that Wein has expressed his desire to sell his motherland and live a self-sufficient life because of his belief that Natra is a weak country. However, the actions we have made for that will lead to unexpected results that will lead to more and more people being evaluated and feared from inside and outside the country as a great person.

But as Natra grows stronger, he shows that he's more interested in living a peaceful and luxurious life, as he stated that as long as Natra stays strong and peaceful, he doesn't intend to sell the country. Unlike other nobels, Wein doesn't view bloodline in a high regard once asking at what point is a bloodline considered "noble". He explains that if every noble person is a noble because their parents were, and their parents are noble because their grandparents were noble, you'll end up with a commoner that became noble through their achievement. And since that person's parents wasn't a noble, it goes to show anyone can become a noble so it's more important to focus on ability.


His father, King Natra, was sick and suddenly joined the national government as regent.

He once relied on a Fulham dignitary in the Earthworld Empire to study abroad at the Imperial Military School for about two years, hiding his position as a royal prince. At that time, he was excellent enough to have taken the principal in all subjects, but later the Empire also realized Wein's identity, so all records were erased. He had experience studying abroad and had no dislike for the Empire, but rather actively cooperated with the Empire, aiming to be merged on more favorable terms. Strangely calm, but only exceptionally, the Framians, especially Ninym Ralei, show intense anger if discriminated against or insulted in their bloodline, and in volume three, for example, they are in a caustic act that differs from their usual low-risk, moderate responses, such as the devastation of King Kabarinu.


  • King Natra Owen- They appear to have a friendly mutual relationship, as King Owen allows Wein to rule in as his regent while he is sick and Wein recognizing his father's accomplishments and abilities.
  • Franya Elk Abralest- Wein often spoils and dotes his younger sister, even stating that any old brother that finds their little sister annoying, is a terrible older brother. This leads to him being frequently called a siscon by Nimym.
  • Ninym Ralei- Despite their constant bickering and teasing, Ninym and Wein clearly care deeply for each other. Ninym constantly reminds or forces Wein to work and reprimands him if he mentions betraying the country but still helps him however she can. If Ninym is insulted in his presence, Wein will grow angry at the person who insulted her and it has been stated that if one were to insult Ninym in front of his face, the person will be executed on the spot. Wein also describe Ninym as his heart, showing that he deeply trusts Ninym.


It is shown that Wein is highly intelligent, and he uses this to outwit his adversaries, usually resulting in the growth of his kingdom. It has also been shown that Wein is proficient in sword fighting, gained from his time in the military school and is able to ride a horse.



Light Novel



  • Wein and Ninim have appeared on all the covers of the light novel so far.