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Ninym Ralei (ニニム・ラーレイ Ninimu Rārei?) is one of the main characters of Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu ~Sou da, Baikoku Shiyou~ series. She is Wein's childhood friend and aide. She is one of the few people who knows Wein's lazy nature.


Ninym is a beautiful girl with clear white hair and fiery red eyes, which are characteristic of the Fram people.


Ninym has a strict personality, constantly reminding and forcing Wein to do paperwork and serve the country. Despite this, she also has a teasing side, constantly teasing Wein, usually to bring down his inflated ego and she also has a caring side, doing whatever she can to help Wein on his duties. She is also deeply loyal to Natra, even once stating that if Wein ever married her rather than taking a political marriage that would benefit Natra, she would kill herself for seducing Wein and weakening Natra (Not known if she meant this as a hyperbole or if she was dead serious).

Although she is not as bright as Wein, she is extremely intelligent and is one of the few people who know about his lazy nature. Because of this, she knows exactly what is going on in Wein's mind, which can easily be misunderstood in a positive way, and sometimes treats him harshly to make sure his work goes smoothly.


She comes from a long line of the Fram people that served the Natra Royal dynasty, and she's been Wein's secretary to help serve Natra at a very young age.


She has great physical ability, being able to take down assassins, as well as having espionage and leadership talent.


  • Ninim and Wein have appeared on the covers of the light novels so far.