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Lowellmina Earthworld (ローウェルミナアースワールド Rouerumina Asuwarudo?) is the second imperial princess of the Earthworld Empire.

She is one of the Wein's schoolmates from his time at the military school.


She is blonde and has blue eyes.


She's naturally intellectual and cunning, and uses this to gain the upper hand. She's very ambitious as she wants to become the Empress of the Earthworld Empire but loses the chance to further her studies as a politician when her dad forbid her from being taught politics. She later regain her spark and ambition when Wein tells her that in order to change people's perception of her, she must wage war and prove her ideal is superior. Lowellmina also has a keen sense of justice, constantly dragging her friends into schemes to defeat corrupt nobles while in the academy.


Lowellmina Earthworld, also known as Lowa, is an imperial princess. She is the second daughter of the late Emperor and the youngest of his five children: three princes and two princesses. According to the light novel, she's the same age as Wein In Volume 2. Lowa wanted to become empress, showing far greater talent than her brothers, but due to the Empire being mostly a Patriarchy, she was mostly dismissed and decided to go to Military school. There she made four friends, Glen, Stand, Ninym, and Wein. After Wein left and later became prince/regnant, she was suggested to marry Wien by Earthworld Empire's new ambassador for the Kingdom. This led her to go to Natra where she revealed her intent to become the empress and due to the threat of a rebellion that would threaten the Empire and Natra, prince Wein begrudgingly helped her stop the rebellion, but this led to marriage talks being frozen. After this, she founded the Patriot faction which wanted the Empire to stop civil war and decide on a successor.